At this time,  we are “under construction” and testing many ideas, changes are being made frequently.  Please continue carefully through what is available so far and comment, suggest or volunteer your services.

The “Our History Initiative”  Project started on March 9, 2008, to help create a future for our past.

The Our History Initiative has four pillar programs that provide a base for projects in homes, schools, colleges, universities and communities. These are:

  1. Learning Activity Packages
  2. Digital Library
  3. Oral and Family Histories
  4. Multi Media Activities

We hope to work with community organizations, funding sources and educational facilities to introduce “Our History” to students of all ages.  Since education is key to passing on our heritage and continuation of our program, we will provide projects that can be used as supplements to current lesson plans. Internship opportunities, senior projects, community service, club and classroom activities are also available.






Our History Initiative is under construction

This site is a work in progress.
Please check back regularly as we continue to grow and update!

5 comments on “OHI
  1. This is a truly great initiative. The best of luck to you. I, for one, will be a loyal follower and ardent supporter.

  2. Sandra Ashley says:

    John it was wonderful chatting with you this morning. Looking forward to having you come out and speak to the community at Provincial Towers. I will be looking forward to meeting you and hearing what you have to say about the history of Wyoming Valley. I will be spreading the word.

  3. Gary Moore says:

    Pleasure talking to you John. I hope both my grandson and I can attend your lecture as we are both anxious to learn about the geologic history of northeastern Pennsylvania. My 14 year old grandson is into Paleontology and the geology that goes with it so he is excited and should learn a great deal from this. Thank you…Gary

  4. Gary Zavacki says:

    I recently viewed “Scratching The Surface….” ; I found the video one of the best representations of the history of the Wyoming Valley I have ever seen. I’ve lived in the Valley all of my 63 years and now have a greater appreciation of our area. I think that “Scratching The Surface” should not be recommended viewing for all Wyoming Valley residents, it should be REQUIRED!
    Congratulations on a wonderful endeavor …

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