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STS Test Puzzle

Download (PDF, 34KB) Download and print to complete puzzle.

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[ Download (PDF, 245KB) Download (PDF, 44KB)   PREFACE Chapter One Stories From the Dirt Before 1675 to 1725 Chapter Two Early Traders 1725 – 1800 Chapter Three Secrets of Home 1800 – 1865 Chapter Four History Lives Around Us 1865 – 1920 Chapter Five Hidden in the Corner 1920 – 1950 Chapter Six King Read More

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Why We Need to Understand and………

“Why We Need to Understand and Appreciate Anthracite History,” by Robert P. Wolensky Leaving anthracite history aside for the moment, let me ask: why do we need to study any history? The answer to this question is much more complicated than the old saw that learning history prevents us from repeating the mistakes of the Read More

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Hints on History Writing

  Hints on History Writing By Mark G. Dziak 3/31/14 “Write it down.” That’s what I tell people when they say they experienced something amazing or learned something nobody else knows. The sad fact is that memory changes and fades. Stories told verbally are often misinterpreted. In my mind, to really preserve knowledge, you should Read More

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Rights & Responsibilities During the Civil war: Coal Mine Operators & Laborers in Northern Anthracite Coal Fields

Rights and Responsibilities During the Civil War: Coal Mine Operators and Laborers In the Northern Anthracite Coal Fields (SHORTENED VERSION) THE DRAFT           The first three months of the Civil War passed quickly and both sides soon realized the need for longer enlistments and more men. It was clear by that Read More

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Welcome to Our History Initiative

On this Blog page we hope to have informative posts and guest “Authors” who can provide more insight on the history of our region. Our goal is for these posts to be interesting and educational for all ages. Please bookmark our site and back for updates!              This site is Read More

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