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History is often experienced by many as the “tombstone” of education–dates and dead people.  If we dust off some of those stones, however, we will discover that is where the adventure is!  Romance, conflict, apathy, intrigue, love, betrayal are alive in that dash between the dates on the marker.  Here you will find that history is not just a list of who is dead, but who is living!  Come along with us as we dig into the history uncovering the life, the places, and moments in time that brought such excitement to those who lived before us.  Who are the people?  What are the moments in time that have helped to define who we are today?

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  • * George Catlin  Painter of Plains Indians. His “Indian Gallery”  gives rare insight into native cultures in American history.
  • * Santo Loquasto-– Broadway & Off-Broadway set designer & costume designer. His style became recognized as “The Loquasto Style”.
  • * Herman Mankiewicz Film writer and producer in the late 20’s to late 30’s who won an award  for working on the script for  “Citizen Kane” with Orson Wells.
  • * Joseph Mankiewicz – Like his brother he was a Producer & writer but he also directed films in the mid 40’s- through the 50’s such as the film version of “Guys and Dolls”.
  • * C. Edgar Patience – African American known for his coal sculptures, one of which is in the chapel of Kings’s College
  • * Eleanor Wylie – Known as a poet popular in the 20’s and 30’s. She also wrote 4 novels.


  • * James Bird— His story is of heroism in the war of 1812 and a tragic death.  Laws governing military trials were changed because of him.
  • * Eugene Beaumont — Civil War Medal of Honor winner
  • * Admiral Harold R. Stark – World War II he oversaw U.S. naval participation in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. USS Stark (FFG-31) was commissioned in his honor.
  • * Joe Toye — World War II hero; member of the Band of Brothers







  • * Luke and Hannah Swetland – Involved in establishing the meeting house and various other key parts of Wyoming & it’s government at that time
  • * Nathan Denison – The first to be married in the Wyoming Valley. His home is the oldest in the valley
  • * Zebulon Butler – Colonel who led the men to the Battle of Wyoming.
  • * Chief Teedyuscung – Spokesman for the Indians of the Wyoming Valley at negtiations
  • * Delaware Indians – also known as the Lenape lived along the delaware river



  • * Min Matheson – A Labor activist,  union organizer, and founder of the National Organization for Women(1966).
  • * Bishop Michael J Hoban – Bishop of Scranton in late 1800’s during a time of great growth in the Diocese of Scranton
  • * Father Murgas -inventor , painter, and writer
  • * Ellen Webster Palmer – Founded the Boys Industrial Association
  • * Father John J. Curran — friend of President Theodore Roosevelt who helped to settle the 1902 anthracite strike







  • * Pete Gray–played with the St. Louis Browns professional baseball though he had only one arm
  • * Walt Michaels–pro football player for the Cleveland Browns
  • * Lou Micahels–pro football player for the Baltimore Colts
  • * Charley Trippi–considered to be one of the top football players
  • * Joe Amato–Top Fuel drag racing champion
  • * Ed Walsh–member of baseball’s Hall of Fame
  • * Mendy Rudolph–Hall of Fame Basketball referee



  • * Broadway–Santo Loquasto
  • * Joe Nardone and the All-Stars
  • * The Bouys
  • * The Great Rock Scare
  • * Dakota
  • * The Eighth Street Bridge
  • * Abilene
  • * Polkas










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