This page, in the near future, will host a variety of video content produced by Our History Initiative ; However, until we’re able to get all of that up and running, here is just a sampling of videos, some NOT produced by the OHI,and NOT vetted for accuracy.  Please check back often, as we will have some original content up and online very shortly.  Thank you.

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“On July 3, 1778, the Battle of Wyoming–and the Wyoming Massacre that followed–brought together many factions in a quiet Pennsylvania valley. Some of them were Native Americans who claimed ancestral ownership of the land. Others were European-American settlers who would help establish the United States and Canada. These diverse people came from different places for different reasons. Today we still try to understand all of the motivations and perspectives of the combatants of the Battle of Wyoming.
“Following are some comments about the battle and massacre by living-history participants and other students of history.”


Butler’s Rangers




Convict Transport





Oneida Indians





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